Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell is a bestselling author, certified master coach, and motivational speaker empowering women around the world to create and live extraordinary lives. Through her personal story of triumph and her life changing Dare the Impossible Mastery trainings, Kelly has established herself as a game-changer who smashes the perceptions of what is possible and gives those seeking a breakthrough, the power, insight, and strategy necessary to achieve their dreams. As a coach, Kelly has devoted herself to coaching women to a happier, wealthier, more liberated existence.

Kelly first became a walking example of daring to do the impossible when she decided to leave her government job and started her own business flipping houses, where she successfully hit six figures in her first month of doing business. At the height of her real- estate business, Kelly was suddenly hospitalized, with life threatening complications attributed to lupus. After receiving a devastating prognosis from the doctor, Kelly once again decided to defy the odds. She made the decision to look beyond traditional practices and with the help of a naturopathic doctor, developed her own custom system of healthy eating and nutritional cleansing. Ultimately she was able to successfully reverse her lupus symptoms and create a healthy new life.

Her coaching clients say that she is masterfully skilled at capturing someone’s passion and providing a path to overcome mental blocks and create major victories in life.

“I’m obsessed with helping talented speakers, industry experts and would be author’s turn their passion into profit by showing them how monetize their expertise, establish themselves as an authority, and create additional income streams with their own products, programs, and services.” says Kelly.

Praised by celebrities including Lisa Nichols for her “heightened awareness and beautiful spirit”, and Rod Hairston for her ‘that’s how it should be done’ speaking style. Kelly has become a walking inspiration for anyone looking to take their life in their own hands and create a roadmap for achieving their dreams.

In 2017, Kelly’s book “The Working Girls Guide to Rehabbing House” became a national best seller. Whether the goal is to finally write a book, launch a successful business, or create a more authentic healthy life, Kelly’s coaching, training, and speaking events inspire people from all walks to take massive action and create major results in every area of their lives.

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