Erica Reed

Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C is a Licensed Therapist with a private practice in Lanham, Maryland. Her 20+ years of experience includes working as a Clinic Director, Expert Court Witness, Speaker, Trainer, and Psychotherapist. Erica works with individuals as well as couples, and she has specializations in the areas of trauma/abuse, adoption, domestic violence, and women’s issues. As a result of her work, clients no longer feel lost and broken and now feel free, confident, and whole. She feels more comfortable setting clear boundaries with the people in her life which has led to healthier relationships. She is able to remind herself on a daily basis that she is worthy of living a life she loves and is inherently blessed with all that she needs to be successful, peaceful, and happy.

Taking her clinical expertise to the classroom, Erica is also an Adjunct Professor at Catholic University (graduate level) and Bowie State University (undergraduate level). In addition, Erica was an Adjunct Professor at Trinity Washington University for three years.

With a strong desire to empower women, Erica has developed STEP – Striving Toward Empowerment and Purpose. Recent STEP events include a Vision Board Workshop and a Women’s Empowerment Conference. In addition, STEP features Get Unstuck, an online program which guides you through the 7 STEPS of creating your Personal Vision Statement so you can create a life you love.

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