Edeline Francois-Dryden

To say that Edeline Francois Dryden was born an entrepreneur is not a stretch of the imagination.

Largely raised by her grandmother, Edeline learned from her the value of hard work, going after what you want, not settling and not giving up at a very young age.

Edeline’s main business is Dryden Tax and Accounting Services but she is probably better known in the Atlanta, Georgia business community as the founder of the annual convention Women Entrepreneurs Rock (or W.E. Rock), which she launched out of her passion for championing women owned businesses.

Even with everything she has going on, the staff at the Goodwill Resource Center can still count on Edeline to continue donating a few hours each week to help people with business or job related questions.

Ultimately, Edeline’s drive for launching and growing new ventures is only tempered by her passion for helping women embrace themselves and their own God-given talents and abilities to do the same.

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