RECAP: The #WomensWealth B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour TAKES OVER The Nations Capitol

by KMW Exclusive

Success will NEVER be on the sales rack, you will always have to pay FULL PRICE.” -CherylWood (B.O.S.S. Brunch DC 2016)

On Saturday, January 16, 2016, B.O.S.S. Facilitator Tarra Jackson brought the #WomensWealth B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour To Washington, DC, and it was phenomenal to say the least!

Ms. Jackson is the founder of “Women’s Wealth”, which is a movement designed to host a series ofBOSS events for women business owners and/or women with sparked interest. The#WomensWealth B.O.S.S. Brunch is a gathering of women professionals, community leaders, etc. in order to aid in “Connecting, Educating, & Elevating” these women to the next level in their respected fields. Its NATIONALLY presented, and features a “Powerhouse Panel” at every event. During the brunch, attendees are strongly urged to connect with other business professionals, and build the foundation for potential future relationships and/or collaborations.

Going into the event, I had no idea what to expect. But I’d heard nothing but great things! “Will I feel out of my element? Will I be the underdog? Am I Relatable?” Are all questions that continuously ran through my mind during my hour drive from Baltimore to the “Hamilton Crowne Plaza” in DC. And ultimately, I did feel out of my normal element, and I did feel like an ‘underdog’, BUT it was a GOODthing. For once, I was surrounded by like-minded women who’ve created opportunities for themselves. Women who thrive off of being BOSSES, and have decided to uplift and empower other women to do the same. I’m still mind-blown….

I’ve been successfully running my business for over a year, and while I’ve attended many networking events, and met all sorts of amazing people, nothing has given me the nourishment that was provided at B.O.S.S. Brunch DC.

Women’s Wealth B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2016 was sponsored by “Women Entrepreneurs ROCK”,“Madam Money”, “Chere Cofield International”, “Fifth-Wave Fems”, “CW Empowers”, “Golf Women Mean Business”, “Upscale Magazine”, “New York Life”, and “Chief BOSSpreneur”, just to name a few.

The event was catered by the hotel, and hosted in the “Hamilton Ballroom” which was PERFECT. It provided all attendees with the desired intimacy, and one-on-one approach that was much needed for an event as such.


12513822_547729522048284_4907476754516422073_oTarra Jackson (Women’s Wealth Founder), Chere Cofield (The Recharge B.O.S.S.), Becky A. Davis(The BOSSpreneur), Edeline Francois-Dryden (The B.O.S.S. Educator), Patrina King (The Golf Expert B.O.S.S.), Teresa Wright Johnson (The B.O.S.S. Maker), and Denise Wiggins (The Dream Chasing B.O.S.S), were the panelists. “Church In A Room”, is how these ladies made me feel.

ALL of these bosses spoke on their specific journey to success! Overcoming life’s many trials and tribulations! And ultimately snatching … (continue reading RECAP: The #WomensWealth B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour TAKES OVER The Nations Capitol)