Business Owner Success Strategies

WHEN 1/12/2019 09:00 AM
WHERE Arlington, VA Crystal Gateway Marriott
Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Media, Marketing & Branding Strategies for More Profits

The world needs to know how amazing you are and traditional (television, radio and print) Media is still a valuable tool. Learn from Producers, editors and other Media Experts, as well as Marketing and Branding Experts on how to develop your brand and connect with and leverage the Media to expand your Brand and increase you profits in 2019.

I was able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs!

If you want to be in an intimate space with a group of influential, highly motivating, generous ROCK STARS, then you want to attend BOSS Brunch. Tarra and her team set the tone for an authentic and heartfelt experience. As a result of me attending, I was able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are destined to be my genuine friends, colleagues and joint-venture partners. I highly recommend this event!

Ariel M. Kirkland
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Fabulous & Zen

I thank you for helping a girl to feel BOSSY!

Taking a leap of faith can be medicine for the soul! Words cannot express the extreme gratitude that I have experienced by attending The BOSS Brunch 2016 event in Washington DC. The events organizer Tarra Jackson and her team of BOSS Ladies welcomed encouraged energized and supported me. I thank you for helping a girl to feel BOSSY!

Kitten Gray
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Rock The Wrap 101

The whole event was Phenomenal!

The whole event was phenomenal. The camaraderie and sharing of information, stories, struggles and solutions were more than I was expecting. I look forward to future events!

Lisa Linkous
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Your Paperless Office

It was so much Motivation...

I came across the BOSS Brunch on Twitter as I follow Cheryl Wood and she tweeted the link/flyer. I immediately RT'd and followed Tarra and told myself "Candice! You're going!" and I know that will be one of my best decisions for 2016! To sit in a room full of women who support one another, no judgement and who are BOSSES? It was so much motivation and I will continue to share all of the BOSS Brunches to my network! I truly enjoyed myself and so grateful to Tarra and her vision!

Candice N. Mackel
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Candice Nicole Public Relations

Everyone was so supportive of each other!

The importance of making myself a priority and taking time to Recharge and Rejuvenate was a message that I needed to hear at this stage in my journey. Connecting and collaborating with ladies that I met for the first time was awesome. Everyone was so supportive of each other!

Beverly Castleberry
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Bev Loves Fitness LLC

No Competition, just Collaboration!

What an honor for me to step into a room filled with BOSSes!!! The speakers and participants were eager to hold hands in unity and grant grace and love to their fellow BOSSes. No competition, just collaboration. I am looking forward to the next BOSS event. Here I come!!!

Mayra Figueroa-Clark
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Intentional Love

Excellent experience for any Women Entrepreneur ...

Excellent experience for any women entrepreneur looking to solidify ideas, gain knowledge, or be inspired.

Janice D Streat

This was my first BOSS event, but it won't be my last!

This was my first B.O.S.S. Event, but it won't be my last! Such inspiration and motivation throughout the event. The speakers were awesome and provide actionable items that you can take immediately to propel your business. Thank you so much for coming to Washington DC and providing an opportunity to connect with so many BOSS women!

Sharon Hargro Porter
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / Total Life Changes

I VOW to NEVER miss a BOSS event!

I heard about BOSS Brunch from my publicist Candice Nicole, yet I never experienced it. And now I VOW to NEVER miss a BOSS event! It felt so amazing to be in a room surrounded by like-minded women who've overcome life's many obstacles and have reached SUCCESS! My heart was so filled with motivation and joy. I appreciate Tarra & her team for putting this together.

Kierra Wagstaff
BOSS Brunch DC 2016 Attendee / KMW Exclusive (Entertainment/Lifestyle Blogger)

The energy in the room was electric.

The B.O.S.S. Brunch hosted by Tarra Jackson aka Madam Money was phenomenal! I had the opportunity to pour into the ladies and to be poured into by fellow panelists! And the connections I made with the attendees truly felt like #DivineConnections. The energy in the room was electric.

Cheryl Wood
BOSS Brunch DC 2015 Panelist

The Panel was Divinely Picked!

I think the panel was Divinely Picked. Calling it a dream team would be too light. It was the perfect group and the appropriate message. Not only did I come away with guidance to help me professionally, I felt fed as a woman and a Christian. And when I hugged everyone, their light just shined through. I will never forget it.

Adrienne Burch
BOSS Brunch DC 2015 Attendee

This event has encouraged me!

What a wonderful ... Uplifting ... Fearless ... and BOSS Event! This event has encouraged me to the next level! I hope to see some of my BOSS chicks at the next Brunch! I will be there and a speaker!

Teresa Wright Johnson
BOSS Brunch DC 2015 Attendee / MommyCare Inc.

I celebrate all women who stood with me ...

What a great day sharing the stage with some awesome and powerful BOSS women! There is so much power in connecting with others who refused to be stuck, paralyzed by fear or shut down by systems. I celebrate all women who stood with me today to be powerful but were also inspired to pour back into the generations behind them! Tarra "Madam Money" Jackson you rock! Thank you for creating the space for #BOSSWomen.

Eboni Speight
BOSS Brunch DC 2015 Panelist / Yvonne's Heart

BOSS gave me Confirmation!

I truly had a wonderful time today connecting with such great women. I learned so much and received much needed confirmation! I'm looking forward to the new year!

Stephanie Proctor
BOSS Brunch DE 2014 Attendee

You need to attend a BOSS Brunch!

I attended the BOSS Brunch in 2014 in DE with the beautiful Tarra Jackson aka Madam Money! I was surrounded by women who want to see me succeed. You need to attend a BOSS (Business Owner Success Strategies) Brunch when it comes to your town! Positive. Uplifting. Motivating. Encouraging. Sisterhood. It was BOSS!

Tameka Easter
BOSS Brunch DE 2014 Panelist / Sallie Mae

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